Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hunting Coyotes and Magazine Capacities

With a free weekend coming up and nothing to do, I knew it was time to get out and chase the devil dogs! Coyote season is coming to an end here in Michigan on April 15th so I knew I had to get out while I could. I wanted to use my new AR-15 that is scoped with a nice Leupold Mark AR 40mm 6x18 scope, there was only one problem. According to Michigan Hunting Law:

Shell Capacity For Shotguns And Centerfire

It is unlawful to hunt with a semi-automatic shotgun or semi-automatic rifle that can hold more than six shells in the barrel and magazine combined unless it is a .22 caliber rimfire. Fully automatic firearms are illegal. All shotguns used for migratory game birds (including woodcock) must be plugged so the total capacity of the shotgun does not exceed three shells.

So I knew that I only had a 30 round magazine for the AR, which meant that I had to make a trip to my favorite gun shop! Guns Galore in Fenton Michigan is one of the state's biggest firearm shops with a great variety of ammunition along with magazines, which is just what I needed! I gave them a quick call and they had a 5 round magazine in stock, so away I went!

My Favorite Place To Visit Besides The Outdoors

When I got there I got just what I needed, a 5 round Bushmaster .223 magazine. This is what I would need to make sure I'm legal when I hit the field chasing coyotes! One might ask, why in the world would you use an AR-15 for yote hunting? With Remington coming out with the R-15 and R-25 sport rifles, the hunting public is taking to the newer styled sport rifles for varmint hunting and even big game hunting with the larger calibers. I found that the firearm that I purchased was significantly cheaper than the R-15 model with the only real difference in function being the camo pattern on the firearm. It didn't matter to me about the camo since the AR is flat black and would work in the field just fine. So it was really a money issue for me.

New Bushmaster 5 Round .223 Magazine

Once I got home I compared the two clips to one another, just for kicks you can see the difference between the two in the photo below.

30 Round Magazine & 5 Round Magazine

When choosing ammunition for my coyote hunt, I came across a good deal on some Winchester Ballistic Silvertip .223 55 grain varmint rounds. They match what I have been shooting at the range so these should work very nice on an unsuspecting coyote that happens to get too close!

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip .223

We are heading north this Saturday for a one day hunt on our deer property. After a few emails and quick call I found out that the yotes have been cruising the property with regularity here in the last week or so. Hopefully we can get the drop on a few of them while we are there, I will report back with our results if we have anything good to report.

Mike Adams
Up North Journal
Shoot Straight & Be Safe!

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